The communities of CDC Homes are professionally managed by Quadrillion Property Management, Inc. (QPMI)

Quadrillion Property Management, Inc. (QPMI) is the development’s steward and works to ensure the value of your investment continues to appreciate over time. Some of the ways the property manager does this are through maintenance of the facilities and common areas and by enforcing policies to create an environment for our residents and tenants that is comfortable and clean, as it is safe and secure.

QPMI, the property management arm of CDC Homes, also seeks to build a sense of community in all our properties through various initiatives and activities.

Safety and security services

Facilities management and repair

Leasing services

Resident activities

Caring for our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic

QPMI remains committed in keeping our communities clean, safe and secure during a global health crisis in accordance to the guidelines set by the COVID-19 Inter-Agency Task Force and the Department of Health. 

Stories from our Communities

With CDC Homes, you have more than just a place to live but a safe and comfortable way of living. 

Community News & Events


24/F 139 Corporate Center

Valero Street, Salcedo Village

Makati City, Philippines

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