Growing during quarantine

Mike Samson has been living in Sta. Ana for over 20 years along with his wife who grew up in this Manila district. Moving to their own home in River Green Residences three years ago means that they continue to enjoy Sta. Ana’s convenient location of being close to practically everything that matters — the market, Makati, and his in-laws.

Another thing that he was continues to enjoy at River Green Residences is gardening. Mike and property administrator Jeannette Inaanuran of Quadrillion Property Management, Inc., with the support of the committees and residents, has been mainly responsible for growing herbs, spices and vegetables such as basil, tarragon, serpentina, pechay and mustasa in the community plot since last year. River Green Residences’ urban garden has also yielded insulin plant,  oregano, lagundi, turmeric, sambong, gotu kola,  tarragon, basil, rosemary, chili and calamansi in the past.

Resident Mike Samson with Jeannette Inaanuran of Quadrillion Property Management, Inc.

Like many, the father of one and two fur babies likes tending to plants because of its mood-boosting benefits. It also keeps him active which is very important now when restrictions prevent him from engaging in sports activities he also enjoys such as triathlons.

But gardening has a far deeper meaning for Mike. The love and knowledge of plants is something that he inherited from his mother. He said, “Taking care of plants is relaxing and it reminds me of my late mom.”

How to grow your garden like Mike

Here are some tips from River Green Residences’ chief plantito

Be patient. Mike said that beginners should not let frustration get to them. To thrive in gardening, one must be patient, be willing to learn and persevere.

Take care of a plant, like you are taking care of a baby. Ensure that your plant has the sunlight, water, and nutrients that it needs. In addition, Mike talks and sings to his plants. He even plays music from the 70s and 80s to make his plants happy.

Continue to learn. Mike joins social media groups to learn and exchange ideas with others. He also researches on his own on the particular care each plant needs. 



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